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FAQ Tag: ADU2020

What is the maximum size for the unit?

There is no square footage limit for existing space. If you are adding square footage to create an ADU, the square footage of the unit cannot exceed 50% of the main residence. A detached ADU cannot exceed 1,000 square feet.

Is there a minimum size for the unit?

In a single-family residence: The floor area of the ADU should have at minimum a combined living, eating and sleeping room not less than 70 square feet. For a multifamily residence, an ADU should contain at minimum combined living, eating and sleeping room not less than 150 square feet. In both cases, any additional habitable … Continued

Are fire sprinklers required?

Fire sprinklers cannot be required in an ADU if sprinklers are not required for the primary residence. However, if the addition of the ADU incorporates a remodel of more than 50% of the main residence then sprinklers will be triggered for both the main residence and the ADU.

What if my property isn’t zoned residential but I have a residence on it?

The rules apply to properties that are in a zoning district that allows residential use. For example, the Commercial/Office zoning district (C/O) is a commercial district but it does allow multifamily use under certain circumstances so the rules would apply to an existing residential use in the C/O district.

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