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Creating an Age-Friendly and Livable Community

Eight domains of livable communities

  1. Outdoor spaces and buildingslivable communities

  2. Transportation

  3. Housing

  4. Social Participation

  5. Respect and Inclusion

  6. Civic participation and Employment

  7. Communication and Information

  8. Community and Health Services

  9. + Emergency Preparedness

The Age-Friendly Task Force conducted an analysis of San Rafael’s current status related to the American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) Eight Domains of Livability that cities can address to better serve the needs of older people. The task force added Emergency Preparedness as a ninth domain.

AARP Age-Friendly Index - Total Index Score: 58%

The Age-Friendly Index summarizes data for each of the age-friendly domains. An age-friendly percentage score was created indicating the level of success in meeting a 50 percent minimum standard threshold of age-friendliness. Meeting or exceeding the 50 percent threshold does not indicate fulfillment of all requirements, but rather serves as a relative comparative measure. Not all of the domains in the San Rafael Age-Friendly Action Plan are listed here.

Neighborhoods - Score: 67%


  • Proximity to destinations
    • Grocery stores and farmers markets
    • Parks
    • Libraries
    • Jobs by transit
    • Jobs by auto
  • Mixed-use neighborhoods
  • Compact neighborhoods
  • Personal safety
  • Neighborhood quality

Transportation - Score: 56%


  • Convenient transportation options
    • Local transit service
    • Walking
    • Congestion
  • Transportation costs
  • Safe streets

Civic Participation - Score: 60%


  • Internet access
  • Opportunity for civic engagement
  • Voting rate
  • Social involvement
  • Cultural, arts and entertainment institutions

Employment - Score: 42%


  • Equal opportunity
    • Income inequality
  • Economic opportunity
    • Jobs per worker
  • Educational opportunity
    • High school graduation rate
  • Multi-generational communities
    • Age diversity

Housing - Score: 45%


  • Percentage of housing units with zero-step entry
  • Availability of multi-family housing
  • Housing affordability
      • Housing costs
      • Housing cost burden
      • Availability of subsidized housing
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