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Creating an Age-Friendly and Livable Community

Why create an Age-Friendly Community?

  • Population aging is one of the biggest social world-wide transformations in the 21st century
    • Birth rates have decreased and life expectancy has increased
  • In Marin, 25% of population is over 60
  • In San Rafael, 50% of older adults are 75+
  • Making cities more age-friendly is a sound investment

Commitment to Continuing Improvement

  1. Planning
    • Involve older people
    • Base assessment
    • Develop the plan
    • Identify indicators
  2. Implementation
    • Implement the action plan
    • Monitor all the indicators
  3. Evaluate Progress
    • Measure progress
    • Identify successes and remaining gaps
    • Submit progress report
  4. Continual Improvement
    • 5-year membership cycles

Eight domains of livable communities

  1. Outdoor spaces and buildingslivable communities

  2. Transportation

  3. Housing

  4. Social Participation

  5. Respect and Inclusion

  6. Civic participation and Employment

  7. Communication and Information

  8. Community and Health Services

  9. + Emergency Preparedness

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