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Category: Seed of Hope

Homelessness and Housing: February 2024 Update

City Surveys Individuals in Encampments In December 2023, the City partnered with local service providers to conduct a needs assessment survey in San Rafael’s largest encampments. The survey teams compiled 60 responses, representing more than 80% of the individuals in the Mahon Creek area encampment. The results documented the important fact that people experiencing homelessness … Continued

Homelessness and Housing: December 2023 Update

Camping Ordinance Update The City of San Rafael continues to work under a Federal District Court order on the implementation of its camping ordinance passed in July 2023.  On October 19th , the Court issued a preliminary injunction order that provided modified spacing rules allowing up to four individuals to camp together, in a 400 … Continued

Homelessness and Housing: November 2023 Updates

Successful Seeds of Hope Event On November 6, the City of San Rafael and County of Marin Health and Human Services co-hosted the 6th Seeds of Hope lunch and service provider fair.  The event invites people experiencing homelessness to receive meals, donations, and housing-focused services.  The turnout was wonderful, and 23 service providers assisted attendees … Continued

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