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Category: Canal Neighborhood Improvements

Canal Lighting Project Update

The City has been working hard with PG&E to get lights installed on locations identified from the Canal Community Based Transportation Plan. Last spring, City staff identified 42 locations where PG&E had existing poles, but no lights. In June 2022 PG&E met with the City about the project and the strong need to provide lighting … Continued

Public Information Meeting for the Canal Neighborhood and surrounding area

The City of San Rafael invites residents of the Canal, Spinnaker, Bay Point, Bahia and surrounding neighborhoods to a virtual public meeting to share information and solicit feedback on a number of neighborhood improvements planned for the general area.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. The link to participate … Continued

Larkspur Street pavement maintenance

Many of the streets in the Canal neighborhood were recently resurfaced as a part of the City’s annual Pavement Management Program. Unfortunately, Larkspur Street was not a good candidate for the material that was used for that project due to the condition of the roadway. The city is planning to resurface Larkspur Street during the … Continued

Pavement Management Program – 2022/23 Slurry seal project

The City’s annual Pavement Management Program started this week. The contractor is doing the preliminary work for the slurry sealing of the next 8 +/- miles of the City’s Road network. This year’s Pavement Management Program includes the removal of traffic striping, crack sealing, placement of Slurry Seal, and the installation of new striping. The … Continued

Great outlook for Transportation Funds in 2022

The Department of Public Works has applied for several Regional, State, and Federal grants in 2022 which creates the opportunity for the City to possibly receive over 20 million dollars of funding! These grants can help offset the cost of construction and maintenance of the City’s aging infrastructure including construction of major improvements and large-scale … Continued

Partnership for new underground utility district

The Department of Public Works is partnering with PG&E to establish an underground utility district on Canal Street between Medway Road to Spinnaker Point Drive as part of the “Rule 20A Utility Undergrounding Program.” City staff, PG&E, and other utility representatives had a great meeting onsite last Thursday, 9/29/22. We walked along Canal Street and … Continued

Canal movie night with DPW!

Thank you, San Rafael! You came out and showed up and helped make the Canal Movie Night the success that it was. City staff from the Department of Public Works (April Miller, Joanna Kwok, and Stephen Acker) were well prepared to answer questions regarding upcoming improvements in local San Rafael neighborhoods and provide some much-needed … Continued

San Rafael Creek Dredge Plans and Quantities Released

City of San Rafael Individual Parcel Dredge Plans and Quantities Released In anticipation of a joint dredging effort between the City of San Rafael and several individual dock and marina homeowners in San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood, the City has released updated dredge plans and calculated dredge quantities for all parcels who participated in an umbrella … Continued

Pickleweed Childcare sandbox repairs

The Facilities team took advantage of the summer break and completed some needed repairs on the Pickleweed childcare sandbox while the children were away. The old sandbox provided many years of fun play for the children who attended the center. While many of the existing posts were able to be reused the top and side … Continued

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