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Alternative Response Team RFP

  The City is looking for a service provider with a history of implementing successful field‐based programs and mental health services to operate an Alternative Response Team (ART) that would serve as a first response team to a variety of requests for service, to include individuals in crisis. Experience with crisis response is preferred. The … Continued

RFI for IHU Development Project – Due 09/19/2022

  The City of San Rafael, in an ongoing effort to respond to the homelessness crisis in Marin County, is requesting information from property owners, managers, developers, faith-based organizations, or social service providers who are interested in partnering with the City of San Rafael on a potential Interim Housing Unit (IHU) development project. The IHU … Continued

RFP for Updating the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and EOC Handbook

The City of San Rafael (“City”) is inviting Proposals from qualified firms and individual consultants for preparation of an update to the City’s 2007 Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and EOC Handbook. The new EOP and EOC Handbook should reflect a whole community approach and address the unique resources, challenges, and hazards in San Rafael. The … Continued

Request for Proposals Homeless Outreach Services – May 2022

The Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC) and the Marin Managers Association (MMA) represent all the cities and towns in Marin County. Several years ago, the MCCMC created a Community Homeless Fund where cities and towns, and the County of Marin, allocate funds for certain homelessness services. This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is … Continued

City of San Rafael Request for Proposals for Telephone System Replacement

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION 7/25/2022 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: TELEPHONE SYSTEM REPLACEMENT The City of San Rafael (“City”) has determined that it would be in its best interest to cancel the solicitation and reject all proposals. The City recognizes the current budgeted amount may be insufficient. The City’s intention is to revise the Statement of Work and … Continued

City of San Rafael Request for Proposals for Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

Proposal Deadline Extended to April 29, 2022 The City of San Rafael  seeks to implement a commercially available, native cloud-based (SaaS) ERP solution that provides broad administrative functionality, long term sustainability and adaptability, and a modern user experience. The City has undertaken extensive user research to determine the needs across the City and how they … Continued

RFQ for Equity Audit – Due 1/12/2022

  The City of San Rafael (City) has been on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion awareness journey for several years and is now seeking proposals from consultant firms, non-profits, and other organizations (consultant) with expertise in providing professional consulting services to assist us in conducting an equity audit as a foundation toward building a more diverse … Continued

RFP For Professional Auditing Services – Due 12/31/21 (CLOSED)

The City of San Rafael is seeking proposals for the preparation of both financial and compliance audit reports covering the City and its related operations from qualified firms of certified public accountants. 2021 Request for Proposals – Audit Services   Respondents to this RFP shall submit completed proposals electronically by 5:00 p.m. on December 31, … Continued

Fire Station 54 and 55 (REBID) – Request for Proposals (CLOSED)

In the 1960s, Fire Stations 54 and 55 were designed and built. Fire Station 54 is located at 46 Castro Avenue in the Canal neighborhood. Fire Station 55 is located at 955 Point San Pedro Road between Knight Drive and Peacock Drive. Both fire stations are now beyond their useful life. For more information on … Continued

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