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9/21/18 – Wet Paint

Posted on September 21, 2018

watch for bikes

This week, Streets Maintenance Crews added some safety aspects to the Puerto Suello bike path heading southbound on the bike path and coming up the Linden lane tunnel/stairway. Delineators were added to guide bicyclists coming down the hill away from the stairway and approaching pedestrians, as well as, a bright PEDESTRIAN sign to the left. Pedestrians coming up the stairway will see a WATCH FOR BIKES sign to notify them of oncoming traffic. Safety first!

paint bike path


Starting at 3am, Streets Maintenance Crews cleaned racked/swept the islands and medians, and repainted the tips, or bullnoses, with a fresh coat of yellow paint!

paint median

Bellam Blvd: Windward Way  and Andersen Drive & the Freitas 101 Overpass

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