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We’re Watching You

Posted on March 8, 2019


The Traffic Engineering Division is working hard to get our traffic signals modernized, starting with video detection. The cameras were installed at 4 locations (Mission/Hetherton, 2nd/Hetherton, 2nd/Irwin, 2nd/Grand). The images below are of 2nd Street/Irwin Street. The “MioVision” fish eye camera provides a live stream of the intersection; the second image shows the cars from the fisheye view in the individual detection zones. As we get more cameras installed, we will be able to run reports, like travel time down 2nd and 3rd Streets, approach volumes, and the percent of cars arriving on a green versus red light. With the SMART train crossing 2nd and 3rd Streets soon, these analytics will become really handy! And to answer the inevitable question: No, we cannot save the video footage.

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