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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


Vulnerable Populations

People who are over 60 or have a chronic health condition are the most vulnerable to this virus.  Do not visit if there is no urgent need. 

Vulnerable populations must stay home.  

Reach out to older adults and those with chronic health conditions who live alone. Call, email or talk through the door. Make sure to limit face to face interactions with those who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. 

Our vulnerable neighbors and family need our help to pick up groceries, meals, prescriptions, and other necessities. Be sure that you protect them and you by following social distancing guidelines: 

  • Keep at least 6 feet of distance when possible.   
  • Wear a cloth face covering.
  • Wash hands before and after or if running water is not available, use hand sanitizer.  

If you are in a vulnerable population, contact friends, family, or others you know who can provide support. They are permitted to pick up any of your needs.

Marin Health and Human Services is supporting essential services for older adults, disabled, and low-income members of the public. Their hotline is staffed by trained social workers and they are working on mobile food distribution and medication delivery. Whistlestop  is also continuing to provide vital services such as home delivered meals, takeout meals from the Jackson Café, and providing specialized transportation services.

Hotline for older adults, persons with disabilities, and family caregivers: (415) 457-INFO (415-457-4636)

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