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Volunteer Spotlight: Enrique Yam

Posted on December 1, 2016

Enrique Yam is a junior at Terra Linda High School. He is taking AP Chemistry and Computer classes. He lives in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael and has participated in programs and activities at the Albert J. Boro Community Center as long as he can remember. He enjoys college prep programs, academic tutoring and social activities in a school program called AVID and with the Huckleberry Youth Program of San Rafael. He is proud that he will be a “first generation” college student.

Describe your volunteer activity with San Rafael?

Since August 2016 I have been coming to the Pickleweed Library for 2 – 3 hours each Saturday to shelve books and help with other tasks. A librarian, who is a friend of my Mom and who has known me for many years, asked if I would be interested in helping. I had not thought about volunteering in the library, but agreed to give it a try. The volunteer work led me to being offered a paid job at when the position opened. I realize that having different experiences is good and will help me decide what I would like to do in the future.

Why did you choose to volunteer for San Rafael?

I agreed to give the volunteer position a chance because it was close to home and it was a way to gain new experiences and find new interests. It is a familiar place as I had been in the Kids Club* after school and many days we would come to the library in the afternoons to read. Now that I am doing shelving I am checking out and reading more books. While shelving books I saw the novel The Living by Matt de la Peña. Now I am reading other books by the same author.

What do you enjoy most about your work in the Library?

I enjoy helping people and giving back to my community. I also like interacting with people when they ask questions or need help.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Being here has helped me be more open. I realize I enjoy helping people.

What other volunteer activities do you do?

I am involved with the AVID Program at school. Not only is it a college readiness program but we have rummage sales and a Toys for Tots collection. I volunteered at Kids Club* end of last school year and into the summer. I came every Friday at 4pm and helped through to the end of the day when the last kid was picked up. I like working with the kids. They were joyful.

What do you suggest to those considering volunteering with the City?

Go for it! You gain personal experience. You learn if you like a job or not.

In a few words, describe your volunteer experience


Joshua Alperin, Supervising Librarian, Pickleweed Branch San Rafael Public Library has this to share about Enrique: Enrique’s work as a volunteer was stellar; he was a very quick learner, worked independently and demonstrated caring and dedication. I was really happy to be able to offer him a job; he is a great addition to our team at Pickleweed Library.

* Kids Club is the only community-based after-school program for children of elementary school age located in the Canal neighborhood. It provides reading intervention, educational assistance and enrichment activities for 120 elementary-aged youth.

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