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The Village at Loch Lomond Marina

Address: 110 Loch Lomond Drive

Project No.:  ZC04-02, ED04-063,

TS04-001, UP04-001

Applicant: Marina Village Associates, LLC
1999 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 2850
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Attn: Daryl Cruzer

Project Planner:  Paul Jensen, Community Development Director

(415) 485-5064

Loch Lomond Street View
Andy's Market Loch Lomond


The Loch Lomond Marina. . .

The Loch Lomond Marina is located at 110 Loch Lomond Drive, approximately three miles east of US 101.  As a full-service marina, the facility offers 517 boat berths, a public boat launch, fueling facilities, harbormaster’s office, boat repair, bait shop, and dry dock boat storage.  Andy’s Market, a local neighborhood grocery store is located on the eastern, upland portions of the 131-acre marina site.  Several neighborhood commercial uses and services are located on the western portion of the marina site.

Loch Lomond Housing
Loch Lomond Play
Andys Market
Village at Loch Lomond Marina Mixed-Use Development. . .In 2007, the City of San Rafael approved the Village at Loch Lomond Marina mixed-use development for the marina site.  City approvals authorized the following:

  • Retention of the existing full-service marina including public launch, fueling facilities, harbormaster’s office and boat repair. Of the 517 boat berths, 52 were approved for “liveaboards’ allowing permanent residency.  As part of the marina improvements, the existing breakwater, which separates the marina basin from the bay, was required to be reinforced and raised.
  • Development of a new Andy’s Market, a full-service grocery store, on the west side of the marina site. North of the market, a new mixed-use building is approved to include neighborhood commercial uses and services.
  • Development of 81 residential units in four housing types: detached, single-family residences, detached residential cottages, townhomes, and residential condominiums developed in the mixed-use building. Of the 81 units, 17 are required to be sold to owners that qualify in the “below-market-rate” household income levels of low- and moderate-income.
  • Development of an expansive marina green, boardwalk and both active park (playground) and passive park (walking trails/paths, picnic areas) areas. The City approvals require that these recreation amenities be retained in private ownership but be open and accessible to the public.
  • Enhancement, expansion and preservation of an existing seasonal wetland, which is located at the eastern edge of the marina site.
  • City approvals require that all of the above improvements be constructed/installed by the property owner/developer.
  • As the publicly-accessible recreation amenities are to be retained in private ownership the City approvals require the establishment of a “Community Facilities District” (“CFD”, Mello-Roos District) to ensure long-term maintenance of these facilities. The CFD requires that the property owners within the geographic boundaries of this district (marina property boundaries comprised of the marina owners, commercial property owners and residential owners) be responsible for the cost of maintenance. Once the district is established, the annual cost for maintenance is included on the property owner’s annual property tax bill.

The City approval documents addressing environmental impacts, property zoning and land use project design and subdivision area available as follows:

  • City Council Resolution #12330 (Certification of Final EIR and Adoption of CEQA Findings and Approving Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program)
  • Exhibit A (Errata and Supplement)
  • Exhibit B (Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program)
  • Ordinance #1860  (Amendments to Planned Development Zoning for Loch Lomond Marina Project)
  • City Council Resolution #12332  (Approval of Environmental and Design Review Permit and Master Use Permit and Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map)
Loch Lomond Site Plan
Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond Housing2

Current Status. . .

  • All of the subdivision improvements and utilities have been installed.
  • A new Andy’s Market has been constructed and is open for business. The old grocery market/market located at the easternmost area of the marina site will be demolished in 2017 and this area will be graded for residential development.
  • The publicly-accessible marina green, boardwalk and park facilities are complete and open for public use. In addition, the upgrades to the marina breakwater has been completed, which includes a paved public path that is accessible to the public.  
  • The seasonal wetland restoration has been completed and fenced to prohibit access to the area and to ensure protection of wildlife.
  • The first phase of the residential development (“The Strand”) is under construction. Approximately 30-35 homes have been built and completed for occupancy.  The completion of the first phase (approximately 50 units) will be completed for occupancy by mid-2018.  The second phase of residence will be constructed following the demolition of the old grocery store/market (easternmost area of the marina site), which is expected to be completed for occupancy by 2019.  A link to “The Strand” website is provided below under “Links for more information. . .”
  • A building permit has been issued for the development of a new harbormaster’s office and restaurant. Construction is expected to be completed by early 2018.
  • At present, the marina boat fueling facilities are not in operation. New fueling facilities are expected to be on-line in the near future.
  • The “CFD” Mello-Roos District was approved in 2010. On July 17, 2017, the San Rafael City Council set the tax amount for the property owners within the marina district.  For new resident property owners in the “The Strand,” the assessment is capped at approximately $2,000 per residential unit, per year.  The 17 “below-market-rate” units are exempt from this assessment.  The assessment will appear on the property owner’s tax bill commencing in November 2017.  A link to the July 17, 2017 City Council staff report on the “CFD” is provided below under “Links for more information. . .”


Loch Lomond SFR
Loch Lomond Entrance

Project Plans. . .

Project plans, as well as City files containing reports and technical studies are available for review at the City of San Rafael Department of Community Development, Planning Division.

Links to more information. . .

Point San Pedro Road Coalition- Loch Lomond Marina webpage:

“The Strand” webpage:

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