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7/20/2018 – Weed and Vegetation Management Update

Posted on July 20, 2018

Crew Working on Las Colindas

Freitas Parkway

The Parks Department finished their annual pruning of the medians on Freitas Parkway last Saturday.  This is the largest pruning project the department undertakes each year and took a total of 10 full work days to complete.  Twenty-five truckloads of material were cut and cleared from the medians. There will be a channel cleaning within the week.



Las Colindas

The Parks Department tackled the median on Las Colindas this week completing it on Thursday.  No parking signs were in place to allow the crews to work on the narrow street.

Las Colindas


Park-A-Month – Freitas Park

The next stop for the Park-A-Month program is Freitas Park, this Saturday the 21st.  Come join us spread some mulch, pull some weeds and plant some new plants!

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