FAQ Topic: Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program

Not Included

Replanting    Tools/ Equipment   Routine or ongoing maintenance   Detached accessory buildings such as a shed or garage are not subject to Chapter 7A requirements if they are located at least 50 feet from a building covered by the code.   Exterior Sprinkler Systems  Coatings 

Home Hardening 

Fire-Resistant Vents – Fire Safe Marin   Gutter Screens Tempered Dual-paned windows or metal shutters Fire-resistant retrofitting exterior materials: Roof covering and metal drip roof edges   Exterior walls and siding   Eaves and porch ceilings   Exterior doors   Deck/patio/stair enclosures   Underfloor and appendages   Replacing wood shake roofs   Spark arrestor screen    Replace soffits that are not fire-resistant or cover with … Continued

Vegetation Management / Fuel Reduction​

Removal of hazardous vegetation within 30 feet of structure or 10 feet of road.   Removal of fire ladders or fire bridges   Dead vegetation and debris removal   Fire-resistant tarp for wood-pile  

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