FAQ Topic: Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program

Schedule a Full Defensible Space Inspection 

A full defensible space inspection is required for your grant application to be processed. If your property was fully inspected and you have not received your report, please email srfd.dspace@cityofsanrafael.org for your report. If you were left a notice and did not receive a full inspection, please schedule a full inspection below.   A defensible … Continued

Available Grant Funding 

The City will offer up to $500 per applicant to cover the expenses relating to vegetation management/fuel reduction. The City will also offer up to $500 for home hardening without requiring matching funds.   To receive more than $500, a resident must match the expense. A resident is limited to $1,000 in assistance for vegetation … Continued

Rules and Regulations

Note: The City and MWPA follow a fiscal year that runs from July 1st-June 30th each year. All grant applications received after June 15, 2023 at 5pm will be null and void for the 22-23 fiscal year. Grants applications received after the deadline will be processed in the upcoming fiscal year. Retro applications will not … Continued

Eligible Recipients 

All San Rafael residents who have had a full defensible space inspection are eligible for the Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program. Homeowners can schedule an FREE assessment. Please see below on how to schedule an inspection. Only the person directly incurring the expense will be eligible for reimbursement. In general, this will be the property owner, however a tenant that can … Continued

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