FAQ Topic: SLR Past Projects

Resilient by Design Challenge: Elevate San Rafael, May 2018 

This project was part of a year-long collaborative design challenge that brought residents, public officials and other experts together to develop innovative solutions to strengthen the Bay Area’s resilience to sea level rise, storms, flooding, and earthquakes. The Elevate San Rafael project envisioned a new future for the San Rafael waterfront that not only physically … Continued

San Rafael Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, June 2017 

Local governments must adopt a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan in order to be eligible to apply for federal funding pre and post disaster. The San Rafael plan also includes a wealth of analysis about local risks and identifies mitigation strategies to reduce the vulnerability to hazards such as wildfire, flooding, storms and erosion, drought, and … Continued

BayWAVE Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment, June 2017 

In 2017, the County of Marin, in partnership with local jurisdictions, developed a sea level rise vulnerability assessment for the eastern Marin shoreline from the Golden Gate Bridge to the county line north of Novato. BayWAVE aimed to increase awareness and preparation for sea level rise impacts. The assessment catalogs impacts across six different sea … Continued

Wildfire Prevention and Protection Action Plan, March 2019 

The San Rafael Wildfire Prevention and Protection Action Plan outlines goals to proactively address the growing risks of wildfires. The primary objectives include: Ordinance changes to mitigate wildfire risk Additional staffing, funds, and resources to address hazards & expand public education Expanded and new fuel reduction and preparedness efforts Improving and increasing vegetation management plans

San Rafael Climate Change Action Plan 2030, May 2019 

In 2019, the City Council adopted the San Rafael Climate Action Plan 2030 (CCAP 2030). CCAP 2030 primarily focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the pollution that causes climate change. The plan also acknowledges the need to adapt to the effects in two programs:   Sea Level Rise – Prepare and adapt to a rising sea … Continued

San Rafael General Plan 2040, with Flood Risk & Sea Level Rise Adaptation Report 

Building off the foundation of the BayWAVE Vulnerability Assessment and more current resources, City staff prepared the Flood Risk & Sea Level Rise Adaptation  Report, which was incorporated into General Plan 2040. This report “set the stage” by providing guidance on how to develop an adaptation plan. The report suggested the following:  Establish clear objectives … Continued

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