FAQ Topic: Sidewalk Program FAQ

Who will the final signed contract be between?

The final signed agreement for sidewalk repair work will be between the property owner and the contractor. See Timeline and Overview — step 6 for detail on how the city-cost share payment will be factored in.

What does the pre-construction inspection survey consist of?

Department of Public Works staff will inspect selected program applicants for:  Required sidewalk replacement  Required tree work (root shaving or tree removal)  Sidewalk/Curb-Gutter replacement required  Sidewalk shaving for displacement (for very slight displacements only) Once the survey is complete, you will be emailed a copy to share with the contractor.

Are driveways eligible for the Sidewalk Repair program?

No, driveways and driveway aprons are not eligible for City cost-share. If selected for the program, owners wishing to get driveway work done may have it done at the same time as any sidewalk work, but the owner will be responsible for the full cost of the repair and will be billed accordingly.

What are the benefits to participating in the Sidewalk Repair Program?

Participating in the City’s sidewalk repair program is both efficient and cost-effective. Not only do property owners benefit by the City cost sharing in the repairs, but all encroachment permit fees and related inspection fees are also absorbed by the City. The program is also able to take advantage of bulk-pricing since all construction in each neighborhood will occur at one time.

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