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FAQ Topic: Short-Term Rental Program

Short-Term Rental Program Resources

Policy Resolution 14737- Short-Term Rental Program Policies and Procedures  Ordinance 1976- ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SAN RAFAEL CITY COUNCIL  AMENDING SECTION 14.03.030 AND SECTION 3.20.020 OF THE SAN  RAFAEL MUNICIPAL CODE, AND ADDING NEW CHAPTER 10.110 ENTITLED  “SHORT-TERM RENTAL PROGRAM” Overview of leading regulatory and enforcement approaches used by local governments to achieve common … Continued


November 4th & 18th City Council Meeting As follow-up to an informational report presented to the San Rafael City Council on August 5, 2019, a draft ordinance and policy resolution have been prepared addressing short-term rentals.  Specifically, the ordinance and policy resolution propose to establish regulations for permitting, administering, enforcing, and taxing short-term rentals. At … Continued

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