FAQ Topic: Second and Fourth Street Intersection Improvements FAQs

Will there be access from Second St to Marquard Ave?

Yes, vehicles on Second St (westbound) can make a left turn onto Marquard Ave at the proposed project intersection. Vehicles from Fourth St can access Marquard Ave from the intersection of West End Ave and Greenfield Ave, travel eastbound on West End Ave and make a right turn onto Marquard Ave. At the proposed project … Continued

Will West End Ave remain a two-way Street?

Yes, West End Ave will remain a two-way street. At the proposed project intersection, vehicles from Second St and Marquard Ave can enter West End Ave (westbound) and vehicles from West End Ave (eastbound) can make a right turn only onto Marquard Ave. Vehicles on West End Ave can access Second St through the signalized … Continued

How will traffic be impacted during construction?

To minimize impacts to the community, City staff will coordinate with the project contractor to ensure bicyclist and pedestrian access and traffic flow are considered during the develop of the project construction schedule and traffic control plan. Advanced noticing and robust communication will occur prior to the implementation of the traffic control plan, and a … Continued

What is the current project status?

The current intersection design (as shown on the project website) was developed through the thoughtful and dynamic collaboration between numerous stakeholders, including the City of San Rafael (community members, adjacent property owners, City staff), utility companies, and transit agencies. The project team has prepared 65% construction documents and continues to collaborate with project stakeholders while … Continued

Why is this project important?

The Second St and Fourth St intersection is the westerly gateway for the City of San Rafael serving pedestrians, bicyclists, transits, and motorists. However, this critical connection to San Rafael requires a substantial traffic-flow upgrade. This project will provide safety and access improvements, upgrade the intersection to meet current standards, and address the inefficiencies of … Continued

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