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FAQ Topic: Rentals

How do I apply for affordable housing?

Each property with below market rate rental units has its own individual housing application.   Contact the property first to confirm that there are available rental units or an open waitlist before submitting the application form. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the specific property. Eligibility can be based on factors such as income, … Continued

How do I find out if there are any affordable housing vacancies?

You can locate affordable housing vacancies by directly contacting properties offering affordable (also known as “below market rate”) rental units. To find a list of such properties in San Rafael and Marin County, along with their contact information, please visit the page linked below. As you contact individual properties, ask about currently available rental units, the … Continued

How do I find out what my tenant’s rights are?

The City doesn’t provide legal advice regarding tenant rights, but Legal Aid of Marin assists renters with eviction defense, habitability concerns, tenant organizing and education, security deposit recovery, and homelessness prevention.

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