FAQ Topic: Program Requirements

Parking Plan Requirements

Short-term Rentals are allowed on properties where vehicle access is shared between neighbors. If you live on a property like this you must provide a “Parking Plan” when you register your property to be used as a short-term rental. A “Parking Plan”  must document how the  Short-Term Rental will avoid encumbering parking.  Documentation may include: … Continued

Short-Term Registration Requirements

Property Registration Checklist Property Information. All properties will need to provide the following property information: Primary Resident Name and Contact Information Documentation of Primary Residency 24-Hour Local Emergency Contact  Property Address Type of Short-Term Rental Occupancy Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms Number of Designated Off-Street Parking Spaces

Interior Signage Requirements

Interior Signage. Properties offered as Short-Term Rentals shall have a clearly visible and legible notice posted on or directly adjacent to the inside of the front door, containing the following information: 24-Hour Local Emergency Contact Person Maximum number of occupants Maximum number of vehicles Off-street Parking Requirements Garbage Disposal Instructions Information regarding Fire Safety and Fire … Continued

Short-Term Rental Self-Certification Checklists

Self-Certification Safety Inspection Checklist (REQUIRED FOR ALL PROPERTIES)   Self-Certification Vegetation Inspection Checklist (Required by April 30th annually for properties in a Wildland Urban Interface) To find out if your property is in a Wildland Urban Interface visit this webpage: Wildlland-Urban Interface Map

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