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FAQ Topic: Potential Property Transfer Tax Measure

How can I receive more information or provide feedback?

The City of San Rafael welcomes your feedback and questions as we make plans to maintain and improve aging streets, storm drains, buildings and infrastructure. For more information or to share feedback on local priorities, please contact the City Manager’s office at (415) 485-3070 or

Would a local funding measure include fiscal accountability protections?

The City of San Rafael is committed to accountability and transparency with local funds. A local funding measure would likely include a clear system of fiscal accountability, including: By law, all funds raised by the measure must stay in San Rafael for local uses No funds may be taken away by the State Annual independent … Continued

What improvements are needed at our libraries?

A thorough analysis of San Rafael’s aging library facilities has identified upgrades required for safety, access for older adults and people with disabilities, and functionality for users. For example, the 113-year-old Downtown Library has frequent roof leaks, inadequate plumbing and restrooms and outdated electrical systems that cannot support current technology needs. Children’s programs at the … Continued

What specific city services could this local funding measure support?

Funding from a potential measure could support general city services and projects, such as: Repairing potholes, city streets, sidewalks and traffic signals Upgrading storm drains to reduce street flooding and storm drain failures Preserving rapid 9-1-1 emergency response and evacuation routes Keeping city parks, playgrounds and downtown safe and clean, including addressing the impacts of … Continued

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