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FAQ Topic: Fire & Paramedic

What is Home Hardening?

Home hardening helps reduce fire risk by increasing your home’s resistance to heat, flames, and embers though the use of building materials and installation practices that help protect the vulnerable elements of your house. Several components of the home should be addressed, including the roof, gutters and eaves, vents, siding, windows and doors, and decks, … Continued

CERT Goals & Objectives

Offer quarterly First Aid for Disaster Response (FADR) classes for San Rafael CERTS in coordination with the Marin Medical Reserve Corps Hold quarterly meetings open to all San Rafael CERTs that refresh and build skills providing for networking opportunities and active engagement. Develop, train and implement a neighborhood communication system that uses non-digital systems to … Continued

What are CERT teams trained in?

CERT teams are trained in basic emergency response procedures such as: Conducting an initial size-up of the situation in their immediate area Reducing immediate dangers by turning off utilities, suppressing small fires, and evacuating hazardous areas Performing immediate medical triage and basic treatment of injuries Assessing structural integrity and performing light search and rescue Collecting … Continued

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