FAQ Topic: Finance

I saw an assessment on my property tax bill. What is it for?

There are a number of special assessments from the City of San Rafael that might appear on your property tax bill. Common assessments are: Library parcel tax imposed by Measure D to maintain San Rafael Public Library services Paramedic tax imposed by ballot measure to maintain rapid emergency response times Clean stormwater activity fee imposed … Continued

How do I claim exemption from hotel tax?

Hotel guests claiming exemption by reason of a stay exceeding thirty (30) days shall claim exemption on a standard City form, under penalty of perjury. Transients claiming exemption by reason of employment as an officer or employee of (1) the U.S. federal government or its instruments (such as federal credit unions or the Red Cross) or … Continued

Who is exempt from hotel tax?

Hotel guests staying more than thirty (30) days. Officers and employees of the U.S. federal government and its instruments (including federal credit unions and the Red Cross), in the course and scope of their employment. Officers and employees of foreign governments, where exempted by express provision of federal law or international treaty. Transient_Occupancy_Tax_Exemption_Claim

What is BID?

In the downtown area, there is a Business Improvement District (BID), which is comprised of standard and premium zones. If you are thinking of starting up a business downtown, you might want to review the map below to see if your address falls within either of the zones. If so, you may be charged a … Continued

Is my business information confidential?

Only certain information is available to the public – for example, business and owner names, physical and mailing addresses, and business types. This information is printed on your business license certificate. We do not disclose phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or financial information to the public, except as required by law. Per Business and Professions Code … Continued

How do I start a business?

San Rafael is a great place to start and grow a successful business. We are the economic heart of Marin County and home to many incredible companies. From biotech to real estate, finance to auto sales, construction to education; one of our most notable restaurants grew from our farmers’ market! Our Economic Development department is here for you.

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