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FAQ Topic: East San Rafael - Progress to Date

2023 – Weekend Regulation Update, Parking Modifications, Pilot Program Evaluation

Removed 4-Hour Time Limit Restrictions on weekends  Remove the four-hour time limit restrictions in on-street spaces identified during the Task Force meetings in the Commercial zone on Saturdays and Sundays so that long-term parkers (e.g. local residents) may use those spaces while many businesses are closed and current parking occupancy rates are low.  Net Gain … Continued

2021 – Canal Transportation Study

Canal Transportation Study In 2021 City council approved Canal Access Study that had a parking component to it. Based on that study we applied for and received a grant for Adaptive Transportation Program to help address parking issues in the Canal.

2019 – Public Meeting

Public Meeting at Albert J Boro Community Center Public Meeting to discuss results of the changed parking regulations.  

2018 – Parking Regulations Update

Official Change of Parking Regulations for Residential and Commercial Areas.  East San Rafael Parking Changes Letter 6/8/18 – East San Rafael Parking Update 7/20/18 – East San Rafael Time-Limited Parking Implementation 9/21/18 – Milestone for East San Rafael Parking Project

2017 – Parking Study and Public Meeting

W-Trans East San Rafael Parking Study  The study showed parking occupancy rates to be well over 100%, meaning some cars were not parking according to parking regulations.    2,413 on-street spaces  216 off-street spaces in the surveyed lots.   Estimated shortfall of on-street public spaces at the time was approximately 583 parking spaces (this shortfall was reduced … Continued

2016 – Community Outreach

W-Trans East San Rafael Parking Study Community outreach was conducted through meetings and a survey to gather perceptions of parking conditions in East San Rafael.

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