Please note the time change of San Rafael Regular City Council Meetings to commence at 6:00 p.m. 

FAQ Topic: District Election FAQ's

How does the timing of the City’s decision play into likely outcomes?

If the City transitions to district-based elections within the timeline established by the CVRA, the City will be liable for the attorney’s fees of the potential plaintiffs, capped at $30,000. If the City chooses not to make the transition within that timeline but does so after being sued, it is possible that the City will … Continued

Assuming the City moves to district elections and set the districts in 2018, what districts will be open in the next election in 2020? For example, if the Mayor and two Councilmembers are up for reelection in 2020, will it be the districts the two incumbents are in that get to vote? What if there is another district with no Councilmembers currently living there? If the Mayor runs for re-election and he lives in a district that has no Councilmember, is that district Councilmember seat up for election as well?

No. The seats just rotate in. Each current member of the Council serves out the rest of the term to which he or she was elected, and then must run for re-election in the districts. It potentially gets a little more complicated if two councilmembers are paired in a single district, but everybody still serves … Continued

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