FAQ Topic: Digital Service FAQs

What is the purpose of the Digital Service Strategic Framework?

Our Strategic Framework defines the vision, purpose, values, and areas of focus for the Department of Digital Service and Open Government. These areas of focus are used to inform an annual departmental work plan and a Citywide technology improvement program which details the schedule and funding of specific projects.

How is this department different than IT?

While traditional IT is focused on support, security, and development, Digital encompasses a broader world of user experience, analytics, strategy and performance. Digital requires a new myriad of skills, broader roles, and strategic leadership. This demand led to the creation of this department.

When was this department created?

The department was created by the City Council in December 2018 and is a reorganization of the Information Technology Division and expands traditional tech and network support services to include broader functions of strategy, analytics, and product management. This includes new ways of engaging with the community; designing services with and for people, not bureaucracy; … Continued

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