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FAQ Topic: Departments

What does the City Attorney’s office do?

The City Attorney is the attorney for the City of San Rafael, as an entity. Because of the nature of the City Attorney’s role, they cannot represent or provide legal advice to individual residents. They are therefore unable to respond to individual requests for legal advice or representation.

What does the City Clerk’s Office do?

The City Clerk’s office serves as the custodian of the City’s records and the local filing officer under the Political Reform Act, coordinates the preparation of the City Council agendas, takes the official minutes of Council meetings, notices all public hearings and official meetings, and coordinates with County officials for City Council and local elections. … Continued

What does the City Manager’s Office do?

The City Manager’s Office advises the City Council on policy matters and manage the operations of the City with economy, efficiency, equity and effectiveness. The City Manager’s office carries out the policy and directions of the Mayor and City Council and supports the Council’s efforts to engage in legislative advocacy on the local, state and national … Continued

What does the Community Development Department do?

The Community Development Department is made up of three different divisions: Planning Division, Building Division and the Code Enforcement Division. The role of the department is to foster public involvement and creativity and assist decision makers and the public in formulating and implementing policies which balance environmental, economic and social needs for the present and future. They … Continued

What does the Recreation Division do?

The Recreation Division provides parks, recreation and child care services. It’s role is to promote health and wellness, increase cultural unity, and facilitate community participation and interaction. The division fosters human development, focusing on children, youth, families and seniors.  It also provides opportunities to explore and engage in positive activities, and it works to protect … Continued

What does the Economic Development Department do?

The Economic Development Department works to improve the business environment in San Rafael. They are here to help you with your business location questions, permit process issues, real estate investment needs, or other business assistance. They also provide real estate project planning,  oversee special events throughout the City, and administer various special projects.

What does the Fire Department do?

The Fire Department provides the delivery of fire and rescue services is serious business and as such, we strive to provide the best public fire services available; a service that is capable, compassionate, predictable and sustainable.

What does the Finance Department do?

The Finance Department provides financial information, policy analyses, and recommendations that help the City Council and all City Departments make decisions about how to allocate resources. They account for those resources and discloses the financial condition of the City and the results of its operations in the year end Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and also prepares … Continued

What does the Human Resources Department do?

The Human Resources Department serves as a strategic partner to both our internal and external customers, providing leadership, expertise, support and guidance with benefits administration & wellness, workplace safety, workers compensation & risk management, policies & procedures and long range strategic planning. The Human Resources Department also focuses on employee development and training, recruitment and selection and … Continued

What does the Digital Service and Open Government Department do?

The new demands of the digital era require a new approach to government. Technology now touches everything in the 21st century. Digital Service and Open Government provides oversight of the City’s technology operations, service design, community engagement, help desk support, network infrastructure, citywide open data initiatives, and performance measurement. They do this by leveraging digital … Continued

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