FAQ Topic: Costco Project

Why not consider housing in this location instead?

The current zoning for the property does allow housing, in addition to commercial development. The Mall ownership has not proposed housing at this time.  The owner of the Mall, Merlone Geier has indicated that housing is still an option that they will consider in the future. At this time, the mall ownership is focused on … Continued

How will the City consider traffic impacts in nearby neighborhoods?

At the time of submittal of formal applications, the City requires a complete traffic study to be prepared by a licensed traffic engineer. The traffic study will be reviewed by the City’s traffic engineer, along with a 3rd party traffic engineer hired by the City. The traffic study will evaluate the generation, distribution of all … Continued

What is the next step in the process for the project?

The Conceptual Review and Pre Application process have been completed and comments from city staff, the Design Review Board and Planning Commission and the public being forwarded to the applicant. So, there is no further action on the part of the city, unless we receive a formal application. At this point, the decision to pursue … Continued

What applications have been filed and how/when will those be reviewed?

On July 26, 2019, Costco filed a Pre Application and Conceptual Design Review application with the City of San Rafael. For major projects, the City requires the submittal of a Conceptual Design Review as a first step to allow the public and the City’s Design Review Board an opportunity to provide early comments on a … Continued

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