Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month

Watch the City Council meeting on YouTube at 6:00 p.m.

The shift into the Winter Mode Maintenance Schedule

Posted on October 23, 2020


The Streets and Parks Division recently went into their winter zoning schedule. There are 8 maintenance zones in the City which two maintenance staff members are assigned. Using a GIS based app, they go through all the storm water catch basins (and there are many!) and headwalls cleaning out debris such as leaves, trash and sediment. It’s a tough job that requires them to shovel out heavy debris that is below their feet, but it is crucial preventive maintenance to ensure all storm water can flow freely and keep areas from flooding. An extra challenge this year is everyone having to use separate vehicles due to social distancing protocols, which makes communication even more key. Here you will see Parks crew members Jorge Hernandez and Alex Nacaspaca cleaning a catch basin in the Peacock gap area. .

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