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Sustainability Program Priorities 2019-2020

Summary of the 2019-2020 Two-Year Program Priorities


Develop CCAP Engagement Platform

  • Design and develop web platform, including carbon calculator
  • Develop engagement plan


Expand EV Charging Network

  • Install more EV chargers at City facilities
  • Promote EV charger incentives & technical assistance to community

Implement EV Policies and Programs

  • Develop streamlined permitting procedures
  • Promote EV campaigns, programs & incentives


Implement Mandatory Recycling

  • Develop and implement procedures to enforce State laws
  • Conduct an analysis of a local mandate to supplement State laws
  • If appropriate, develop and adopt local regulations and implement


Plan for Climate Resilience

  • Seek and secure funding for adaptation planning projects
  • Assist with the Adaptation Element of the General Plan


Increase Building Energy Efficiency

  • Support County appliance electrification programs
  • Develop a set of streamlining, technical assistance, and incentive packages to support energy efficiency in the built environment


Promote Solar and Renewable Energy

  • Seek out and support solar projects & pilots community-wide
  • Promote rooftop solar programs and financing
  • Promote Deep Green and Solar Choice to residents and businesses


Convene an economic working group

  • Convene thought leaders, subject matter experts, and local business leaders to explore opportunities to develop a low-carbon economy

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