Sustainability Program Priorities 2017

San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan is organized by:

  • Our Lifestyles – transit-oriented development, non-auto, energy efficient vehicles, waste reduction
  • Our Buildings – resource & energy conservation, renewable energy, water conservation
  • Our Environment – urban forestry, local food, habitat protection, adaptation to climate change
  • Our Economy – green businesses, social equity

Climate Change Action Plan Update

This year we will conduct an update our Climate Change Action Plan, adopted in 2009, in order to remove programs that have been completed, update our targets to include the new 2030 State target, and include new programs to assist us in meeting our goals. This will be a high priority item, and the major part of the work plan for the year. We hope to adopt an amended or updated CCAP in early 2018.

Our Lifestyles

2016 Accomplishments

  • Reviewed MSS outreach and billing analysis with Franchisors’ Group and ad-hoc Council subcommittee, and made recommendations to continue outreach efforts and maintain current rate structure
  • Continued to utilize Zero Waste Grant funds for a Climate Corps Fellow to assist with zero waste outreach, including conducting an assessment of our single use bag ordinance, illegal dumping research and outreach, waste reduction activities in City facilities and augmentation of other community outreach activities
  • Continued zero waste and bag reduction outreach, including creation of new Waste-Wise Business Spotlight, conducting reusable bag outreach in the Canal Neighborhood, and instituting composting at City Hall

2017 Goals

High priority – Lead a multi-jurisdictional review of our recycling revenue fund, rate-setting methodology and franchise agreement, and begin required meet-and-confer process with Marin Sanitary Service

High priority – Work with SMART, TAM and Marin Transit to enhance low-carbon transit connectivity and public outreach

Ongoing – Support efforts of Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and assist with revision of Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan

Ongoing – Conduct outreach to reduce single-use take-out products, including monitoring and aligning local single-use bag ordinance practices with state law

Our Buildings

2016 Accomplishments

Work progressed on the Solar projects in 2016, two of which were completed in February 2017. In addition, work progressed with the new public safety facility. All three priorities were carried over for calendar year 2017.

2017 Goals:

High priority – Complete construction of solar power systems on City facilities as part of Solar SEED Project

High priority – Implement LEED Gold certification for new public safety facility

High priority – Switch some or all of city facilities and infrastructure to Deep Green power using cost savings from solar projects in fiscal year 2017-2018

Our Environment

2016 Accomplishments:

Work progressed on the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan and county-wide vulnerability assessment, which were carried over to 2017.

2017 Goals:

High priority – Complete Local Hazard Mitigation Plan with a climate overlay

High priority – Work with County to complete county-wide vulnerability assessment and engage residents in the process, especially in underserved communities

Our Economy

2016 Accomplishments:

Continued to support Chamber Green Business Committee and programs including development of new Green Briefs sustainability workshops and lectures

2017 Goals

Ongoing – Support  Chamber Green Business Committee and green business events

Community Outreach and Empowerment

2016 Accomplishments

  • Secured funding for FT Resilient Neighborhoods assistant to promote and amplify the program
  • Secured funding and agency commitments for water conservation program
  • Continued to promote and develop City Green Team and Employee Commute Program, including popular Earth Day events and waste-reduction efforts at City events
  • Continued active membership with Marin Climate Energy Partnership

2017 Goals

Ongoing – Support Chamber Green Business Committee and green business events
Ongoing – Support Resilient Neighborhoods program
Ongoing – Host CCAP Quarterly meetings
Ongoing – Support City Green Team and Employee Commute Program
Ongoing – Participate in Marin Climate Energy Partnership
Ongoing – Continue participation in the Beacon Award for Sustainability


2016 Accomplishments

  • Completed annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy report

2017 Goals

High Priority – Complete annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy report
High Priority – Conduct 5-year City operations greenhouse gas inventory
Ongoing – Meet annual commitments of Compact of Mayors

Summary of 2017 High Priority Goals

  • Climate Change Action Plan amendment
  • MSS rate setting methodology, recycling meet-and-confer, and contract revisions
  • SMART, TAM and Marin Transit connectivity and public outreach
  • Solar power on City facilities completed
  • LEED Gold certification for new public safety facility
  • Deep Green power in Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plan completed
  • County-wide vulnerability assessment completed, and engage residents
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory completed for City operations and facilities
  • Annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy completed

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