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Sun Valley Sewer Replacement

The San Rafael Sanitation District will began construction of the Sun Valley Sewer Replacement Project-Phase 2, mid-June 2016; the project was completed in Spring of 2016.  Phase 2 of the project consisted of replacing the sewer pipeline serving Solano Street, between Nevada Street and the Sun Valley Park, the sewer line on Alpine Street, the sewer line on Windsor Avenue, and the sewer line on California Avenue between Humboldt Street and Windsor Avenue, and the sewer line on Center Street, between K Street and J Street in the Sun Valley neighborhood.

This project consisted of installing a new sewer mainline in the street, abandoning the existing sewer mainline along the front yards on one side of the street and reconnecting each building lateral to the new sewer main.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the San Rafael Sanitation District’s at (415) 485-3361.

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