Application Filing for Tentative Map

All requests to divide real property into four (4) or fewer lots (Minor Subdivision) or five (5) or more lots (Major Subdivision) requires the filing of a Parcel Map or Tentative Map application with the Department of Community Development. The application must be filed by the subdivider, the property owner of record, or a representative of the property owner and must include the following information (filed concurrent with any additional required entitlement requests):

  1. A complete General Application Form signed by the property owner and application filing fee(s).
  2. Detailed description of the proposed land division
  3. Written statement of intent containing the information set forth in SRMC Section 15.02.040;
    1. A description of the existing use(s) of the subject property;
    2. A description of the proposed use(s) of the subject property. If property is proposed to be used for more than one purpose, the area, lots or lot proposed for each type of use shall be depicted on the Tentative Map;
    3. A statement of the proposed improvements including public utilities, water supply and sewerage disposal, how these improvements are to be made or installed, and the estimated timing of when such improvements are to be completed;
    4. A description of proposed public areas and dedications, if any;
    5. A description of proposed tree removal and new planting, if any;
    6. A description of proposed restrictions, covenants or easements, if any;
    7. A list of any and all requests for exceptions (Chapter 15.01.120) from the provisions of this title and a written statement citing the justification and reasons for approval of these exceptions; and
  4. Fifteen (15) copies of a Tentative Map prepared be prepared by a registered civil engineer or licensed surveyor, shall be to a scale of not less than one inch (1”) equals one hundred feet (100’) and must be clearly and legibly reproduced. The Tentative Map must contain the following information:
    1.  The subdivision name, date, north arrow, a graphic or bar scale and sufficient description to define the location and boundaries of the proposed subdivision;
    2. Name and address of property owner(s) of record;
    3. Name and address of the subdivider;
    4. Name, business address and telephone number of the registered civil engineer, or licensed surveyor, who prepared the map of the subdivision. If the proposed subdivision is intended to be developed in phases and multiple or phased Final Maps are to be recorded, a written statement to this effect shall be placed on the face of the Tentative Map, as required by Section 15.02.130 of the SRMC;
    5. Elevations or contours at intervals of ten feet (10’) to determine slope of the land and the high and low points thereof, provided that the City Engineer may require additional contours;
    6. The locations, footprint, outline and use of each existing structure or improvement on the subject property, and their locations in relation to existing or proposed street(s) and lot lines;
    7. The locations, names, widths and approximate grades of all roads, streets, and highways in the proposed subdivision and along the boundaries thereof;
    8. The location and character of all existing or proposed sanitary sewers and storm drains in the subdivision or on adjoining and contiguous highways, streets and roads;
    9. The approximate widths, location and purpose of all existing or proposed easements or areas of use restriction on the subject property or on land contiguous to the proposed subdivision;
    10. Approximate lot layout and approximate dimensions of each lot and corresponding lot numbering, including lots or parcels proposed for common ownership, dedication, and/or non-development purposes;
    11. The location, boundaries and elevation of existing watercourses, channels or waterways, including all areas subject to inundation or storm water overflow and the location, width and direction of flow of all watercourses;
    12. A grading plan depicting proposed grades and quantities of earth movement;
    13. A drainage plan depicting proposed drainage improvements and facilities;
    14. The location, dripline, trunk size and species of all existing trees in and around the area of proposed development. For areas of the subject property that are not proposed for development purposes, a detailed survey of the existing trees is not necessary; however, tree cover shall be shown; and
    15. Typical street sections and details thereof.
  5. A Vicinity Map at a scale of one inch (1”) equals three hundred feet (300’), or larger, with a north arrow, scale, and graphic scale and showing the proposed streets, subdivision boundaries, existing streets and property lines, in the vicinity, which affect, or may be affected by, the proposed subdivision.
  6. One copy of a recently prepared and issued preliminary title report on the property proposed for subdivision.
  7. Three (3) copies of a geotechnical investigation (soils report), which has been prepared for the purpose of identifying geologic and soils conditions on the subject property and recommendations for development. The scope and extent of analysis presented in the investigation shall be prepared in accordance with the Geotechnical Review Matrix adopted in the San Rafael General Plan.
  8. Any reports or studies of the subject property as deemed necessary by the Department of Community Development to provide adequate and complete processing and review of the major subdivision application.
  9. Additional application submittal information and materials required for properties that are located within hillside areas, as set forth in Chapter 15.07 (Standards for Hillside Subdivision) of this title.
  10. Additional application submittal information and materials required for filing a Vesting Tentative Map, if requested, as set forth in Chapter 15.04 of this title.

Who Approves Subdivision Maps?

Minor subdivisions involving four (4) or fewer non-hillside parcels may be acted on by the Community Development Director, and if approved they shall require recordation of a Parcel Map. Major subdivision approvals including condominium projects shall require approval by the Planning Commission and subsequent recordation of a Final Map. Approved tentative maps must be filed for recordation within two years from the date of approval, unless an extension of time has been submitted and approved in compliance with SRMC Title 15.

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