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11/1/18 – Stormwater Inspections in Action

Posted on November 1, 2018

It’s that time of year when our Department of Public Works staff come out to clean the City’s storm drains and headwalls before the rainy season begins. This is the second year that our staff members are using a smartphone app to keep track of inspections completed and and drains cleaned. The app combines a map of storm drains and headwalls with an inspection form for quick data entry and photos. At the same time, maintenance staff back in the office can view real-time data on a web-based dashboard that shows which structures have been cleaned, along with running totals per geographic zone. Data and pictures from each of the locations can be pulled up for inspections as well. To date, our Public Works staff has cleaned 1,173 storm drains citywide–one-fourth of the City’s total storm drains!

grate repair grate repair
Maintenance Workers Kenny Gatlin (right) and Arturo Tinoco (left) remove debris from headwalls and storm drains.


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