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SSA Transitioning

Posted on July 7, 2022

The City of San Rafael created the Service Support Area (SSA) on July 6th, 2021, for those experiencing homelessness to provide a safe space to receive specialized services and assist in identifying paths to permanent housing.  The area where the SSA is located was a Caltrans-owned space where individuals experiencing homelessness had been staying and felt a sense of safety. The City of San Rafael, in partnership with Caltrans, decided to create a temporary space where a portion of the homeless community could receive services which would get them on a path to housing. Since its inception the SSA has been a model program in creating immediate access to services for those that participate.

Due to the intended temporary nature of the SSA, the number of individuals declining within the SSA, and the addition of funding for case management and support services- Caltrans and the city will be winding down the SSA in August. Most of the individuals that are currently using the SSA have been working with a case manager who will provide them support to help them transition to permanent housing.

While we understand this will not eliminate homelessness in the city, it will provide a blueprint for individuals to receive the supportive services they need to find permanent housing. As more information becomes available, we will continue to work with the County of Marin and other partners on innovative approaches to getting people housed including but not limited to Interim Housing Units. The City of San Rafael is committed to keeping the community updated.

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