Board Meetings

Public Official Appointments - 2016 California Form 806

The San Rafael Sanitation District is governed by three board members; two board members are appointed by the City of San Rafael City Council and one is appointed by the County of Marin Board of Supervisors. 

Board Meetings

Board of Directors

Terms of Office and Election Procedure

District board consists of three board members that are appointed and not elected. The board is comprised of two City of San Rafael Council Members and one County of Marin Supervisor.

Board Member Compensation and Reimbursement Policy

Each board member is compensated $100 per meeting attended. The District is currently developing a reimbursement policy for board members.

Compensation of Board Members (as required by AB-2040)

As directed by the State Controller’s Office, Board Members are considered independent contractors, who do not receive a “salary” that is reportable.  Therefore, the amount for compensation is zero on the Government Compensation in California (GCC) webpage.

Compensation of Board Members (as required by AB-2040)

Additional Resources:
Board Member Ethics Training Certificates

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