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SRP Update: Work in Gerstle Park Continues

Posted on July 11, 2019


Work in Gerstle Park continues with the City completing the longest continuous stretch of new sidewalk yet at over 250 feet. In addition, two new ADA compliant curb ramps were installed next to Short Elementary School. These new curb ramps include the yellow dots which are called “raised truncated domes.”  Work is anticipated to be complete in Gerstle Park by the end of August with crews moving to Peacock Gap neighborhood thereafter. Refer to our previous post for the order in which work is scheduled to occur. Please note that all applicants that applied and submitted signed agreements for the 2018 program last year are still in the queue to get work done through the program.




Current Progress in the Gerstle Park Neighborhood

Gerstle Progress
Green dots are completed and blue dots are to be scheduled.
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