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SRFD Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program is live! Apply today!

Posted on January 24, 2022

Wildfire mitigation grant program with landscaped photo with contact information.

San Rafael Fire Department is pleased to announce that funds are available to help residents adapt to wildfire throughout the San Rafael area.

Through funds provided by the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA), the San Rafael Fire Department is happy to provide property owners with a Grant Program to financially assist the reduction of wildfire risks on their property. We appreciate all the work you have done to your property thus far and would like to encourage you to continue working at creating a safer environment. Examples of eligible work include vegetation management within 30 feet of a structure, such as removing Bamboo, Juniper, or Italian Cypress, and home hardening efforts such as replacing vents, windows, or installing gutter guards. A full list of eligible work is available on the grant webpage.

Whether you have completed the work or will be completing the work, please be sure to provide or track the following information to include with your application: 

  •   Completed Application Form  
  •   Before/After Photos or a copy of your Defensible Space Inspection Summary and After photos 
  •   Copy of PAID Receipt(s)/Invoice(s) from licensed Contractor/Arborist 
  •   W9 Form  
  •   Signed Grant Agreement Form  

Interested residents should  visit the Wildfire Mitigation Grant Program website to find more information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Wildfire Mitigation Team at or 415-485-3054.

Please note that although we will strive to help all residents, we cannot guarantee financial assistance for everyone under this program.  However, there are additional grants available directly through the MWPA. Residents may qualify for multiple grants, provided the total costs exceed the amount of funds received. Grants are limited and awarded on a first come first serve basis so please apply as soon as you can. 

Together we can help San Rafael adapt to living with wildfire.

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