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Spring cleaning around the City

Posted on May 2, 2022


No one likes to walk around looking at overgrown or unkempt vegetation. It can become a nuisance for pedestrians and in some cases, a safety and/or a potential fire hazard.  The Parks Division has been busy clearing and trimming vegetation around various parts of the City.  Helping to keep the vegetation around the City clean and under control is an ongoing task for the Parks Division

In the photos, you will see Parks crew members Jim Dunn, Alfredo Tellez and Jody Sanchez finish up clearing of the center median(s) along Bellam Blvd between Kerner and Windward Way.  Crews trimmed the shrubs to help with sightline issues and cut the weeds as well. Parks crew members Alfredo Tellez and Camilo Bayot continued cleanup efforts by doing some work along the sidewalk on Freitas Parkway where they cut back weeds, raised the tree canopies, and removed some ivy as well.


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