Solid Waste Rate-Setting

The City of San Rafael is acting as lead agency for a Request for Information for solid waste rate-setting methodology work on behalf of the Marin Sanitary Service Franchisors’ Group, consisting of the cities of San Rafael, Larkspur, and Ross, the County of Marin, and the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District.

The Franchisors’ Group seeks the services of a consultant to:

  1. Review the existing rate setting methodology and provide alternative methods for rate setting for refuse services provided by a franchised garbage hauler
  2. Review and provide assistance with a remedy for recycling losses related to our current rate setting methodology, vis-à-vis the recycling revenue fund currently in place
  3. Assist with the meet-and-confer process with Marin Sanitary Service related to this Recycling Revenue Fund
  4. As an optional task perform the 2018 rate application review using this new or revised rate setting methodology

Please review the associated documents below. The RFI contains information on the background, goals and objectives, submission process and timeline, evaluation criteria, contact info, and how to submit questions.

Questions about the RFI can be submitted through our Contact Form and must be received by March 10, 2017. All questions and answers will be posted to this web page by March 17, 2017.

Responses to Questions

Questions SCS Engineers:

  1. Please clarify that we understand the stages of the award process correctly – If our Letter of Intent is impressive and we are invited to interview, the purpose of the interview will be to discuss the nuances of the project and the best way to meet project objectives, in order to help the FG fine-tune development of a Request for Proposals (RFP) that finalists will be asked to respond to, and then, following evaluation of the proposals received from the finalists, one contractor will be selected for a contract award. Is this correct?

Answer: There will not be a separate RFP process. The RFI is intended to solicit a scope of work and cost proposal that will be used to determine if one of the responding vendors will meet the Franchisors group’s needs to complete this work. The purpose of the interviews is to give each vendor the opportunity to present their qualifications and approach to the work.

  1. Please confirm our Letter of Interest should respond to the 10 bullets listed on Pages 9-10 of the RFI.

Answer: Yes.

  1. Re: “General approach to work projects” (Page 10) – Is the Franchisors’ Group (FG) looking for general information on how we manage client projects, information on how we intend to address the FG’s core concerns associated with this specific project, or both?

Answer: General information on how you manage projects.

  1. Re: “Names and experience of key personnel proposed for this project” – Would the FG like us to provide full resumes for key personnel?

Answer: Responding to this question does not need to in the form of individual resumes, but that would work as well.  We do want to know the names of the specific personnel who would work on the project and their relevant experience.

  1. What is the approximate budget allocated for this project?

Answer: This is to be determined.

  1. Which firms have been invited to respond to this RFI?

Answer: This RFI has been posted on the City of San Rafael website, posted on the California Resource Recovery Association email listserv, emailed directly to contacts we have at past participants to a similar solicitation, and also to any firms we are aware of that perform similar or even tangentially similar work.  In short, it has been distributed broadly.

  1. Which firms has the FG (or individual cities) worked with on prior iterations of this project?

Answer: HF&H Consultants LLC has performed similar work for the Franchisor’s Group in the immediate past and for a number of prior iterations of similar work to this project.

  1. Can you confirm if we are to include a specific scope of work and cost proposal with our RFI, or just the bullet items included on pages 9 and 10 of the RFI?

Answer: Please submit a letter of interest and with all of the information listed in the section of the RFI entitled 'Letter of Interest.' An evaluation team will then invite qualified vendors to submit a scope of work and cost proposal in early April, per the time table on page 8.

Questions from R3 Consulting Group:

  1. Can you provide copies of the Franchise Agreements for the Franchisor’s Group?

Answer: Yes; you will be emailed these documents.

  1. Objective 2 on page 5 of the RFI states that the rate setting methodology should take “into account a shrinking customer base” – can you please clarify the ways in which the customer base is shrinking?

Answer: This bullet should read: “Takes into account customers migrating to smaller receptacles.”  “Cart migration” in the current “pay as you throw” system has occurred over the years.  Marin is also a slow growth community so there is not significant growth occurring in the residential or commercial customer bases.

  1. Objective 2 on page 6 of the RFI refers to the rate setting methodology as “Exhibit B”, but there is no Exhibit B included in the RFI or the Professional Services Agreement. Could you please make Exhibit B available?

Answer: Yes; you will be emailed these documents.

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