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SMART’s Next Testing Phase

Posted on April 10, 2017

Train Safety

Your safety is our top priority. SMART is moving into its next phase of systemwide safety testing. For the next week, trains will begin testing as early as 6 a.m., and ending as late as midnight. In preparation for passenger service, SMART reminds everyone to always be alert, and aware near all railroad tracks, and crossings as we are running trains at increased speeds.

Public safety is our top priority and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we near the completion of testing. For information about our systems and safety testing, feel free to call our hotline: (707) 794-3077. To learn more about lifesaving railroad safety information, please visit

This is a huge change to our community’s infrastructure and many people in the community have never lived near a train. It’s extremely important that we all understand how to act with caution around the train whether we are on foot, bicycle or car. Please take the time to talk about train safety with your family and your neighbors.

SMART offers railroad safety presentations and materials to schools, businesses and community groups and organizations. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or more information about their Track SMART Safety Program, visit

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