SMART Testing Update

Posted on April 14, 2017



SMART released the following update:

Thank you for your patience during the brief phase of extended hours of testing critical safety systems. Safety is SMART’s top priority. SMART’s goal is to provide the safest and most reliable rail transit system, utilizing the latest railroad technology. 

The extended hours of testing will end today, ahead of schedule, as we have achieved excellent test results. SMART will continue testing safety systems from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

These extended hours of testing took three weeks off our overall schedule. As a result, we are on track to achieving a major milestone ― the certification our railroad crossing signal systems and Positive Train Control by the end of the month. SMART is still on track to begin passenger service in late spring with quiet zones in place.


SMART expects to run late night trains in San Rafael on Wednesday and Thursday. If all the testing goes well, testing will go back to “single shifts” on Friday. Single-shift testing ends by 8 pm.

SMART says the “double shift” (late night) testing has saved three weeks in their ‘Positive Train Control’ testing schedule. Once this testing phase concludes, they will be able to move on towards completing their remaining testing requirements. Once they meet those requirements, they can open for passenger service (and the City will establish the Quiet Zone).

The goal for passenger service continues to be late SMART told me that the “double shift” testing (late at night) saved three weeks in their ‘Positive Train Control’ testing schedule, which keeps them on track to begin service late Spring. Once this testing phase concludes, they will be able to move on towards completing their remaining testing requirements. Once those are met, they can open for passenger service! (and the City will establish the Quiet Zone). Again, the goal for passenger service continues to be late Spring.

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