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8/23/18 – Smart Larkspur Extension Update

Posted on August 24, 2018


The SMART Larkspur extension construction work continues with the Francisco Blvd. West realignment and Phase-1 of the Multi-Use Path (from Rice Street to Andersen Drive).   The Francisco Blvd West realignment is moving forward at a fast pace.  The subcontractor, Ghilotti Brothers Construction, is not wasting any time with construction.  The work includes environmental mitigation of wetland/habitat ponds.


Francisco Blvd. West and SMART Rail Realignment


Francisco Blvd. West and SMART Rail Realignment – Environmental Mitigation pond


Construction of the Multi Use Path-Phase 1 is moving forward at full speed.  To date the contractor has finished installing all of the concrete piles where the MUP will be place.  The concrete/rebar piles have about a 16-inch by 16-inch cross section with lengths of up to about 60-ft.   This week, they’ve started to drive the sheet piles that will serve as an earth retaining structure where portions of the MUP will be placed.

Multi-Use Path – Concrete Pile Driving Completed


Multi-Use Path – Sheet Pile Driving


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