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Small Wireless Communications/ Small Cell Permit Applications

Project Description

Over the past year, Crown Castle has submitted five (5) applications for Small Cell Permits to install small wireless communications facilities within the public right-of-way at five separate locations throughout the City. Planning Staff have spent time responding to these applications and as of June 30th, the applications were deemed complete for processing. The sites are located within the right-of-way adjacent to the addresses below. You may click on the address links below for additional information about the project.

Public Notices are expected to be sent on July 6, 2020. Given the very short time frame allotted by the Federal Communications Commission, a decision will be made promptly after the public comment period ends, which is 10 days from mailing of the notice. The expected timeline for notification, decision, and appeal is as follows:

Task Date
Notices Sent July 6, 2020
Deadline for Comments July 16, 2020
Tentative Decision Date July 20, 2020

Current Status

The Director’s Decision letters dated 7/20/2020 are posted below:

The City was informed by representatives of the small cell wireless permit applications that they will not be appealing to the City Council, the July 20th  Community Development Director's denial of the small cell wireless permits proposed at 5 sites within the City.  The reason for this decision was that with the the recent merger of Sprint into T-Mobile, the five proposed small wireless facility applications in San Rafael remain under active review by T-Mobile to determine if these sites will meet their need. T-Mobile's combined network coverage and capacity may be different compared to Sprint's network coverage and capacity.
If in the future, they seek to pursue small cell wireless facilities in San Rafael, they will be required to file new applications for review by the City. 

For more information you may contact:

Principal Planner:  Alicia Giudice,

Project Planner:   Justin Klaparda,

Applicant:              Bob Gundermann,

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