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11/9/18 – Sidewalk Repair Program Update: Signed Proposals

Posted on November 9, 2018

As of 11/8/2018, Van Midde and Son Concrete has submitted proposals to all participating property owners. That includes some 200 proposals of which the City has received 157 signed and returned from the property owner. The City will be sending reminders to the remaining 43 property owners that they have until November 26th to return their signed proposals.

Once all the proposals are returned, the City will work with Van Midde to start scheduling and notifying property owners at least one week in advance of the work. We are excited to announce, weather permitting, we anticipate breaking ground (or sidewalk in this case!) on December 10th.  To maximize efficiency and reduce cost to property owners, work will be grouped by neighborhood. Careful attention will be taken to ensure that one side of each street’s sidewalk remains open and closures are kept to a minimum. The construction phase may take upwards of 6 months so we ask that property owners be patient as we work to complete this large project.

We are excited to start construction shortly and want to once again thank those that have joined this program to make a difference in our community!

The 157 properties represent sidewalk improvements in every neighborhood in the City. Specifically:

    • 19,233 total square feet of sidewalk replaced

The equivalent of a 4 foot wide sidewalk from City Hall all the way to San Rafael High School!

    • 1,360 feet of curb and gutter

That’s nearly 4 football fields in length!

If you feel like you’ve missed out this year, worry not! Write us at and we will put you on the list to be notified when next year’s Sidewalk Repair Program opens.

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