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9/20/18 – Sidewalk Repair Program Update

Posted on September 20, 2018

Agreement for sidewalk work page 1

Van Midde Concrete has conducted 114 of 198 final inspections and will be sending out all remaining final agreements for property owners to sign over the next few weeks. Property owners are instructed to sign the final agreement from Van Midde, and send the City a copy. Once the City receives the copy of the signed agreement from the property owner, we will review it, sign it, and send a final copy back to the property owner and Van Midde. This finalizes their property as a part of the 2018 Sidewalk Repair Program.

To date, Van Midde has sent out 114 final agreements to property owners, and the City has received 70 final signed agreements back from the property owners. Property owners are instructed to send the City a copy of their signed agreement within 10 days of signing. Therefore, there is a slight lag time between when the property owner is sent the agreement and the signed agreement is sent to the City. We anticipate to receive an additional 100 agreements to come back from property owners between now and mid October. Once all signed agreements have been received by the City and returned to the contractor, construction will be scheduled by neighborhood. Construction is estimated to begin starting in November and continue through the new year, weather permitting. Property owners will be notified once the construction is scheduled.

Some quick stats on the 70 agreements received back so far:

  • 8,624 total square feet of sidewalk will be replaced
  • 146 linear feet of curb and gutter will be replaced
  • Average per property
    • 120 square feet of sidewalk, equivalent to seven 4’x4′ squares
    • 6 linear feet of curb and gutter

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