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10/9/18 – Sidewalk Repair Program Update – October 5

Posted on October 9, 2018

broken sidewalk 2

As of 10/4/2018, a total of 99 property owners in San Rafael have sent in signed agreements for sidewalk construction in the City’s 2018 Sidewalk Repair Program. We expect at least 50-80 more will be sent in by the end of October. The 99 agreements so far represent the following in new sidewalk construction visible in San Rafael:

  • 12,155 sq ft of sidewalk (equivalent to 0.58 miles of 4’ wide sidewalk)
  • 538’ of curb and gutter

Average per property:

  • 123 sq ft of sidewalk, equivalent to seven 4’ x 4’ squares
  • 4’ linear feet of curb and gutter

Work will not be scheduled until most all signed agreements are back from property owners. at the moment we anticipate to start construction on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis starting in November/December, but this could change depending on the speed at which property owners receive and sign agreements.

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