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Short-Term Rentals

Posted on August 2, 2019

Short-Term Rentals

At Monday’s meeting, staff will be presenting an informational report to the City Council regarding short-term rentals. A short-term rental (STR; sometimes referred to as a vacation rental) is a rental of a residential dwelling unit or accessory building for periods of less than 31 consecutive days. Short-term rentals are often divided into the following categories: entire homes (such as a homeowner who periodically rents out their home), accessory dwellings (a homeowner who rents out their garage apartment or back cottage), and rooms (a homeowner who rents out one or more rooms within their home). Currently, the City does not regulate short-term rentals within City limits–but we monitor them.

In February 2019, staff presented an informational report to the City Council about short-term rentals. Specifically, this report examined three short-term rental regulation policy options: 1) maintain the status quo of not regulating short-term rentals, but monitoring them; 2) allow and regulate short-term rentals using minimal enforcement efforts; and 3) banning short-term rentals entirely. Following the presentation from staff, the City Council directed staff to return to the City Council with additional analysis of these three policy options–with a focus on option #2.

This informational report includes that additional analysis, along with a potential draft ordinance to regulate short-term rentals. Keep in mind that this item is for informational purposes–and that the City Council will not be taking any official action. That would occur at a subsequent City Council meeting. If you have opinions on short-term rentals that you would like the City Council to consider, please join us.



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