Short Term Rentals

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Community Outreach:

Staff is currently underway in conducting broad community outreach to get community feedback on potential Short Term Rental regulation. This outreach includes robust online engagement and stakeholder meetings with neighborhood groups, HOAs, and short term rental hosts. Please check this website for updates on these efforts as well as information on any upcoming meetings.

Update from February 19th City Council Meeting:

An informational report on Short Term Rental policy options was presented at the Tuesday, February 19th City Council Meeting. At this meeting, Council requested that Staff conduct the following:

  1. Further analysis on the impacts of  Short Term Rental on the housing stock in San Rafael ;
  2. Further analysis on  Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Junior Dwelling Unit use as Short Term Rentals;
  3. Expanded Community Outreach on Short-Term Rental Approaches, Regulations, Best Practices and Options.
  • To view the February 19th, City Council Agenda, click here
  • To view the Informational Report on Short-Term Rental Approaches, Regulations, Best Practices and Options, click here



What is a Short Term Rental?

A short-term residential rental is a rental of all or a portion of your home for periods of less than 30 nights.

Are Short Term Rentals allowed in San Rafael?

San Rafael does not currently regulate short-term rentals in private homes. Staff does monitor short-term rental activity and respond to complaints.

Will San Rafael change how it regulates Short Term Rentals?

On August 20th, 2018, City Council directed staff to return with potential actions regarding regulating Short Term Rentals. Staff is currently working on an informational report for the City Council outlining potential Short Term Rental policy options.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Ethan Guy via email at or over the phone at 415.458.2392



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