September SMART Train Ridership Promotion

Do you live along the SMART Train route? Are you interested in trying SMART for your commute to work? We’ve got a free Monthly Pass for you for the month of September!

“How?” you say? We’ll tell ya!

  1. Email Human Resources by 5pm Tuesday, August 29
  2. Sign the Monthly Pass User Agreement to try it 5 times, and agree to the other simple terms (you have to be on the SMART line north of Downtown San Rafael)
  3. Pick up your pass between September 1st and September 10th and use it.
  4. Be willing to give it back if you realize it just ain’t gonna work for you.

Q.  But what about getting to work from the SMART station?
A.  Lots of ways! Take a look at these cool options and incentives!

Q.  What happens if I have an emergency and have to leave work for some reason?
A.  We got you covered! Check out the free Emergency Ride Home program.

Find out your answers to more FAQs here.

 But hurry – the first 15 to sign up will get one of these Free Monthly Passes – so what are you waiting for??


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