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The following Chart provides the differences between Second Dwelling and Junior Second units, which may be established as part of a primary Single-Family Residential Use

*Note: A parcel can have either 1 Secondary Dwelling Unit OR 1 Junior Second Unit

 Second Dwelling UnitJunior Second Unit

May be Attached or Detached, through conversion or addition Created from conversion of an existing interior bedroom only
Maximum Size40% of the main house size with up to 1,000 sq. ft. may be allowed Maximum of 500 sq. ft. in size may be allowed
KitchenFull kitchen allowed Small “wet bar-type” food preparation area required
BathroomPrivate facilities required as part of the unit Private facilities or shared with the main unit
ParkingGenerally, 1 bed unit = 1 additional space required 2+ bedroom unit = 2 additional spaces required, with no upgrades to existing primary residential unit parking required. No additional spaces required if existing dwelling meets current parking standards (i.e., two covered spaces for the primary dwelling unit)
Unit AccessA separate, distinct exterior access is required and interior access is generally not allowed Interior and exterior access is required
EntranceMust be located on a different elevation (side) of the principal dwelling from the main entrance Does not need to be on a different elevation from the principle dwelling main entrance
Owner OccupancyOwner Occupancy RequiredOwner Occupancy Required
Deed RestrictionDeed Restriction  RequiredDeed Restriction  Required
Approval ProcessMinisterial Permit: May require Use Permit & Design Review Permit depending on proposal (See Second Dwelling Unit Handout and Provisions of Section 14.16.285) Ministerial Permit: (See Junior Second Unit Handout and Provisions of Section 14.16.286)

Second Dwelling Unit vs Jr second unit


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